In Dialogue with the Administration


CFC, 2010-2011

First meeting with Virginia Huffman (VP, HR), Karen Booth (Director, CFC), xxxx (CFC Parent Board) on xxxx date. Second meeting with Karen Booth (Director, CFC).

Priority # 1 is the enormous waitlist for infant care

Institute a second infant room, albeit with reduced facilities under oversight from HR and CFC

Status (Feb 2011):
Space for additional infant care room being sought out by HR/Housing. PDA is following up with HR.

Survey: survey.pdf

Summary of meetings:


Housing, 2010

First meeting with Sid Strickland (Dean) and Emily Harms (Asst. dean)
Second meeting with John Tooze (VP Operations), Alex Kogan (Housing), Virginia Huffman (VP, HR), Sid Strickland (Dean)

1. Rent increase in Scholars' residences due to discovery of electricity meters.
2. Transparency in housing wait-list
3. Transparency in the amount of subsidy given to postdocs on housing.

1. The PDA was advised that RU is within its rights to institute this increase. The PDA proposal to grandfather existing leases was rejected.
2. Housing wait-list is now online
3. The PDA was refused its request to be shown the rent-appraisal documents, on which the subsidies and rent values are based. This appraisal is apparently done once every 5 years, and the last one was in 2009.
4. Housing dept. assured the PDA that postdocs who would like to relocate due to this rent increase burden, will be accommodated regardless of their lease terms.

Survey: survey.pdf

Summary of meetings: Natural Selection Article Summary sent to postdocs via email.


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Annual Meeting with the President

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CFCHousingPostdoc salary and benefitsAnnual Meeting with the PresidentCFCCFC, 2010-2011Meetings: First meeting with Virginia Huffman (VP, HR), Karen Booth (Director, CFC), xxxx (C