The Rockefeller University Postdoctoral Association


The RU PDA was started in 2001 as the brainchild of the Dean's office, with the mandate to foster social interactions among postdocs at Rockefeller. Since then, of course, it has grown in both scope and formalization. While our major agenda continues to be to promote both social and scientific interactions among postdocs, we also strive to be an effective organized voice of the collective postdoc community to the Rockefeller administration and the President's office.

Each member of the PDA executive committee is a current postdoc or research associate at RU. The average term for each member on the board is two years. The committee has six to eight members at any given time, who organize each PDA activity as a collective enterprise. There are no set portfolios or designations. All PDA activities are in accord with our by-laws, which were adopted in 2006. As of 2011, there are about thirty PDA alumni, who have since gone on to various careers in both academic and non-academic tracks.

We always look forward to hearing from you at And of course, we welcome you to join in anytime - if not as an elected member, then as an ad hoc volunteer!

The PDA operates on an annual budget from the Dean's office, and helps support many initiatives on campus.

Our biggest event is the two-day PDA retreat, usually held in fall. We also organize various social, scientific, and career development events for RU postdocs/RA's. These are all listed on the following tabs. Do write in to us if you have any ideas that you would like your PDA to take up!

An important part of our work is to serve as a collective voice for RU postdocs/RA's to the RU Administration, where we regularly discuss some of the most important issues that we face here on campus. Some of our recent meetings are listed in our last section.

We also co-sponsor a number of other RU organizations including Natural Selections, the RU's Student and Postdoc run monthly newsletter, and social events such as the annual Halloween Party organized by our students.

The postdoc alumni database is currently administered by the PDA and IT, and was co-designed by HR and PDA.

Do browse around to know more about our past and upcoming activities.

Anja Armache (2016-present) | | x7872 | Allis lab

Kip Bitok (2015-present) | | x8270 | Brady lab
Sally Dewhurst (2017-present | | x8148 | de Lange lab
Xuhang Liu (2014-present) | | x7220 | Tavazoie lab

Aarthi Maganti-Vijaykumar (2016-present) |

Dan Simon (2014-present) | | x8136 | Rout lab








Academia research:
Ruisi Wang (Postdoc, Rice lab)
Xuhang Liu (Postdoc, Tavazoie lab)
Shengdong(Jackson Labs)
Steven Josefowicz (Weill Cornell)
Corstiaen Versteegh (Postdoc, Hudspeth lab)
Aurelia Delaune
Claudia Scheckel (Postdoc, B. Darnell lab)
Alessia Deglincerti (Research associate, Brivanlou lab)
Dusan Bogunovic (Mount Sinai)
Ismail Ismailoglu (Weill Cornell)
Asma Hatoum
Valerie Horsley (Yale)
Sean Taverna (John Hopkins)
Valentina Greco (Yale)
Matthew Rodeheffer (Yale)
Aakanksha Singhvi (Research associate, Shaham lab)
Luke Simmons (Saarland Univ)
Patrick Lusk (Yale)
Marlene Oeffinger (IRCM, Montreal)
Daniel Besser (Germany)
Isabel Kurth
Herman Wijnen (Virginia)
Daniel Nelson (Maryland)
Allan Coop (Texas)
Alok Shah

Kipchirchir Bitok (Chardan Capital Markets)
Lishi Li (McKinsey)
James Miller (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
Huidong Wang (Financial Analyst)
William Kim (WilmerHale)

Science writing:
Ben Short (JCB)

Clinical practice:
Jutta Loeffler (London)

Biotech/Pharma/Non-academia research:
Bryan Utter (Novartis)
Paul D'Agostino (Siemens)
Ruchi Gupta (Astra Zeneca)
Nadim Shohdy (Office of Industrial Liaison, NYU) 
Pallavi Sachdev (Eisai Co. Ltd) 
Asifa Haider (Novartis)
William Netzer (Fisher Foundation) 
Jose Morales (Columbia) 
Niels Adams (Regeneron)
Susan Malenbaum (Human Gen Sci)
Patricia Ryan (RU) 

Linda Feighery (Ireland)
Kevin O'Donovan (Cornell Medical Institute)
Andre Ragnauth (CUNY)
Kristine Nowak (Queens College)

Please be advised that the PDA cannot help you obtain a position at the Rockefeller University. Please contact PI's directly for positions in their lab.

Here are some links that incoming postdocs at RU may find useful. Of course, do feel free to contact us at for any additional questions/information. We look forward to seeing you here!

      Salary Structure

The PDA operates according to a set of bylaws that have been established in 2006.

 History & MandateWhat We DoCurrent MembersAlumniInfo for New PostdocsBylawsThe RU PDA was started in 2001 as the brainchild of the Dean's office, with the mandate to